Our Picnic Essentials!

Our Picnic Essentials!

It’s National Picnic Week!

Here is our list of essentials for a delicious feast in the sun!

Innowise Plates (Pack of 20)

If you’re looking for disposable plates, we recommend our Innowise palm leaf range. Not only do they offer a variety of fun shapes but these plates are 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and chemical free - much better for you and the environment than plastic!

Luxury Nutural Spreads

Sandwiches tend to be a traditional picnic food as they’re both filling and easy to make. If you take sandwiches on your picnic then be sure to give them an especially tasty filling. From Pistachio Butter to Pecan and Figs Spread, these Nutural creations provide a fresh and exciting alternative to Peanut Butter. Also sold separately.

Baked Cheese in Dried Herbs

This tasty twist on cheese sticks turns the popular children’s party food into a delicacy. Diced paneer is baked with dried herbs and olive oil until the outer layer is rendered crunchy and the inside, soft and wholesome. As we sell pre-diced paneer, it also couldn’t be much simpler to make.


Haldiram’s dry and spicy snacks are always a must on any outing. Not only are they easily transportable, they’re the perfect savoury nibble for whenever you start feeling peckish! If you’re like us and find it difficult to choose between bombay mix and bhujia, then try these ‘All in One’ packs!

Indian Mangoes

With the end of mango season drawing so near, you don’t want to miss out, particularly now all varieties are on sale! We recommend dicing the mangoes before your picnic and transporting them in tupperware tubs - that way you won’t attract insects!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for tasty al fresco dining!

Happy Picnic-ing!

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