Time for a BBQ!

Time for a BBQ!

The weather is hotting up, which can mean only one thing: it’s time for a barbecue!

Here we have outlined our favourite Eastern grills:

Chicken Satay
Originally from Indonesia, this heavenly chicken-based dish is ideal for an evening in the sun. Served on skewers, it’s simple to both grill and eat. The sweet peanut sauce gives the Chicken Satay a smooth and indulgent taste.

Gai Yang
Although Gai Yang is a popular Thai breakfast dish, we think it works best for a dinner time in the sun. It is essentially fresh grilled chicken served alongside sticky rice. This dish is simple to make and requires very little preparation time - ideal for feeding the family!

Tandoori Salmon
If you’d prefer a lighter option or aren’t a chicken fan, this exciting take on the traditional Tandoori Chicken is perfect. When cooked on a barbeque, the salmon becomes soft and succulent. Coated in an expertly spiced yoghurt marinade, this Tandoori treat is ideal for fish lovers and healthy eaters alike.

Vegetable Kebabs
Every great main course needs a side dish and these Vegetable Kebabs are flavoured with Dhana Jeera Powder, making them fragrant and delicious. They’re easy to make and a brilliant vegetarian alternative to the traditional spiced lamb kebabs!

Grilled Mangoes
It may seem bizarre but mangoes actually make the ideal pudding for a healthy and delicious barbecue. Simply slice the mango in half lengthwise and remove the stone, then place flesh-side down onto the grill for the sweetest barbecued dessert you could imagine!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our ideal grills! You can find all of our favourite dishes in the ‘Recipe’ section. Happy Barbecuing!

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