What To Eat When It's Cold Outside!

What To Eat When It's Cold Outside!

It may be warming up slightly but Winter is far from over. Red Rickshaw explores the best foods to eat when it’s cold outside.

Dumpling Soup

Nothing beats hot soup when it’s cold outside, or when you’re feeling a little under the weather, and the two often come hand in hand. Made with chicken broth and packed full of vegetables, this soup has everything to keep you feeling well and comforted. Plus, with the addition of dumplings and some big flavours like soy sauce and shaoxing rice wine, it has that element of luxury that you deserve for dealing with the snow!

Apple Bananas

Fruit may be the last thing you fancy when it’s freezing, but did you know that bananas can actually keep you warm? They are so full of B vitamins and magnesium that they actually help regulate the body’s temperature when the weather gets cold. We recommend Apple Bananas over the regular variety, not only do we prefer their tangier taste, but they’re also higher in vitamins A and C.

Lentil Korma

Despite popular belief, spicy foods don’t actually keep us warm as they cause the body to sweat which cools us down. So, a milder curry is your best option. Lentils, furthermore, contain so much fibre that the body has to work extra hard to digest them. This not only makes us feel fuller for longer, but also increases body heat. This Lentil Korma therefore is the ideal dinner for when a cold spell hits.

Eco Valley Organic Green Tea (Golden Mango) 25 Bags

Hot drinks are a must in chilly weather, even if it’s just so we can cradle them to keep our hands warm. Did you know however that Green Tea actually warms our whole bodies? It has thermogenic properties, meaning it helps to produce some heat in the body which simultaneously burns fat and keeps us warm - win-win! If you want a change from plain Green Tea, we recommend this subtly fruity Golden Mango variety!

Apple Rabdi Porridge

When the weather’s frightful, it’s hard enough to get out of bed so you don’t want a cold breakfast like cereal or yoghurt. Besides, you need all the energy you can possibly get to maintain your body’s temperature. That’s why this Apple Rabdi Porridge is the perfect choice. Made with apples, nuts, and spices, there is so much goodness to be gained in every mouthful and it will keep you going for hours, whether you’re walking through wind, rain, or snow.  

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