What To Eat When It's Hot Outside!

What To Eat When It's Hot Outside!

You may remember that during the winter, we let you know the best foods to eat during the cold weather!

Now that the sun’s out, we bring you: What to Eat when It’s Hot Outside!


Keeping hydrated is the most important thing during a heatwave. We recommend Shikanji, the traditional form of lemonade from North India. As Indian summers are sweltering, Shikanji has been tried and tested on hot days. Its cooling characteristics help to maintain your body’s temperature and prevent you from heatstroke.

Sprouted Fenugreek Salad With Mandarin Orange

Not only does salad keep you hydrated and cool, but it’s quick to make when you’d rather be lounging in the sun. Our first choice is this sweet and zesty salad, bursting with goodness. Flavoured with fresh mint leaves, cumin, cinnamon and a dash of red chilli powder - who  said eating healthy had to taste bland?


Although Lassi is generally considered a drink, its yoghurt content and creamy texture make it similarly suitable as a dessert. Our Lassi recipe contains chilled milk which makes it the ideal indulgence for those blistering summer days. If you’re really warm then you can always add crushed ice to the mixture.

Grilled Terriyaki Lamb Skewers

If the sunshine is bringing you outside for your meals, then a barbecue is likely in order! These tasty Japanese skewers are steeped in teriyaki marinade and an aromatic spice blend before grilling, and their cooling Japanese slaw accompaniment makes the ideal al fresco dinner! Find them at: www.feastbox.co.uk

Brown Rice Flakes Kheer

An alternative view is that we should not be eating cold foods during the summer months, but rather foods that are cooling according to Chinese medicine. Under this notion, hot rice porridge is better than a cold salad. Our Brown Rice Flakes Kheer is a tasty hot rice dessert packed full of nutrition. If cold foods don’t seem to be doing the trick, why not give that a go?


Containing about 83% water content, mangoes are the tastiest way we know to rehydrate. We currently have a sale on in our Seasonal Mango Shop, so be sure to make the most of it.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for meals this summer! Let us know what foods and drinks keep you cool at @redrickshawfood.

Happy Sunbathing!

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