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Produced in the UK, Golden Swan White Vinegar is a hugely versatile solution to your cooking and cleaning needs, including getting rid of garden weeds, odours, and limescale, without any of the potential side effects of other household cleaning products— NO nasty toxic chemicals or fumes are involved. Golden Swan is also a great fabric softener for your laundry, helping you achieve that 'Whiter than White' look without causing any damage or gunky buildup in your washing devices. It comes in a handy, long-lasting 5 ltr bottle and can be delivered to your door quickly and safely, ensuring that you can start enjoying it, along with any of our other products, in no time! Golden Swan White Vinegar truly is the cleaner way of cleaning. 

1) COOKING USE - Perfect for salad dressings & vinaigrettes, sweet-and-sour dishes, marinades, pickles, chutneys, and to add 'zing' to your butter sauces. You can also infuse it with fresh herbs to make a long-lasting flavoured vinegar— when you've got Golden Swan, kitchen waste & mess becomes a thing of the past. 

2) CLEANING & LAUNDRY - Ideal for households with pets and children, as well as commercial premises where health and safety is of paramount importance; it's the simplest, most effective and innocent cleaning solution across the board. 

3) FOR GARDENING - Cut down on garden weeds, odors and limescale, without any nasty side effects or chemical risks.  

4) 5 LITRE BOTTLE - Golden Swan White Vinegar comes in a sturdy 5 litre bottle with easy pouring, ensuring a reliable & durable multi-use product for your household. 


5) PRODUCED IN THE UK - Golden Swan white vinegar is produced right here in the UK

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