Guava 500g
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Guava 500g


Guava 500g

Slightly crispier and sweeter than your classic apple, Guavas are a popular tropical fruit in South Asia. Popping up frequently on fruit stands juiced or whole, they can be cut and eaten in chunks like an apple, or in salads to add a bit of crunch.


Green on the outside, yellow and containing edible seeds on the inside, Guavas come bursting with five times more vitamin C per 100g than an orange— 228.3mg vs 53.2mg to be precise (source USDA). These tropical delights also offer natural potassium, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin A it’s no wonder this fruit is often labelled a ‘super fruit’. 


  • Guava 500g
  • Quarter like an apple and eat raw, or pop into a juicer for a healthy morning boost 
  • In South East Asia Guavas are mixed with onions, coriander, cucumber, chilli and peanuts to create a punchy and fresh salad

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