Discover How The Best Mangoes In The World Are Grown!

Discover How The Best Mangoes In The World Are Grown!

Discover How The Best Mangoes In The World Are Grown!

Grown exclusively in the port city of Ratnagiri, west India, Alphonso mangoes are unlike any mango you’ve ever seen. With a marigold yellow skin and a vibrant golden flesh, these mangoes are so delicious that they’ve become a cultural phenomenon across India - as each upcoming annual season an eagerly anticipated moment of the year.


Picked while still green - during the final stage of ripening - Red Rickshaw works closely with Ratnagiri farms to ensure that only the best, most golden and perfectly ripe mangoes arrive to your door. During the growing process the close proximity of the Ratnagiri farms to the Arabian sea and the natural acidity of the soil across the Maharashtra region impacts the fruit to create a uniquely sweet flavour unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.


This rare set of growing conditions develops a fruit with a flavour that melts in your mouth, possessing no tough fibre and a small, thin seed, making the ripe mango a truly delightful fruit! 





"There are approximately 35 metric tonnes are exported from Maharashtra, of which the majority are Alphonso mangoes. The mangoes from Ratnagiri are known worldwide and have been global recognition.


"I am Milind Joshi and I am in charge of the Alphonso mango export facility. I oversee all the procedures to do with exporting mangoes. What makes Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes special and better than the rest is that when you put them in a closed room when you open the door the first thing you will notice is the fragrance. An outsider will know you have mangoes inside.


"Alphonso mango season only comes around once a year, and are generally available to eat from February to May. The harvesting times for mangoes are before 10 am or after 4 pm.


"We are now in the packing area and the first thing we check after harvesting and before packing is the quality. As you can see this mango is 85% ripe and you can see this from the shape of the mango. The top is raised, the is flat and it was a red hue. The skin is very thin, so we quality check for any damage and once this is approved we start packing.


"You can eat the mangoes when they are green. Simply cut and eat. You can also use them to make Shrikhand with mango pieces (a traditional strained yoghurt dessert), or, juice the fruit and drink it. There are many ways to enjoy these mangoes!


























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