How do you know if your mango is ready to eat?

If you’re new to the world of mangoes, you may be wondering how to tell whether or not your mango is ripe. Maybe you'd also like to know how long mangoes last. Two very good questions that we’ll get straight to work answering. Less time reading = more time mangoing.

Let's start with the difference between ripe and unripe mangoes.

How to tell if your mango is ripe:

If you receive a mango before it’s fully ripened, don’t panic! Mango farmers tend to pick mangoes from their trees slightly before maturation — mangoes continue to ripen off the tree. There’s the odd occasion where a mango becomes stubborn and decides not to soften or sweeten up. The ripening process is a natural process, and is unfortunately beyond anyone’s control. If your mango doesn’t sweeten up, unripened mangoes work beautifully in salads and pickles!

Follow these simple steps to tell if your mango is ready to eat:

1. Squeeze:

Apply gentle pressure to your mango. Your mango will be on the softer side (but not mushy) when it’s ready to eat.

2. Look:

Alphonsos, Badamis and Chanusa mangoes will be a gorgeous deep yellow when they’re ready to eat. There may be some green/yellow parts present, but the majority of the mango will be yellow when it’s ripe.

3. Smell:

When ripe, your mangoes will have a heavenly sweet scent. This indicates that it’s ready to be eaten.

Note: not all mangoes change colour as they ripe. The safest bet to tell whether your mango is ripe is to give it a squeeze. If they are nice and soft, chances are they’re ready to be scoffed!

How long do mangoes last?

Unripe mangoes: It can take between one to seven days to ripen. It really depends on the fruit, it’s a tough one to predict! Generally, expect your mango to ripen within one week of receiving it.

Ripe mangoes: Ripe mangoes should last at least 5 days in the fridge. Some will last a couple of days longer than others. If it’s squishy and you’re unsure, cut it open — it may be fine to eat and better yet, incredibly sweet and juicy!

Don’t forget to freeze your mangoes! 


Mangoes freeze very well. They are perfect for adding to smoothies and desserts.