This easy peasy mint and coriander chutney is a stroke of genius. Fresh, tart and as spicy as you like, you'll struggle to find food that this chutney doesn't work well with! 

A good dhaniya chutney is found in almost all Indian households. It contains heaps of fresh coriander, fiery hot green chillies and refreshing mint to stop your mouth from blasting. We’ve added amchoor powder to ours for a delicious tartness — but if you prefer chaat masala for more earthy background notes, by all means swap it in!

A few useful tips :

  • Unless you’re tucking in right away, don’t add salt to the chutney (or only add a very small amount). The more salt you add, the faster it will oxidise and spoil the fresh herbs!
  •  A small drop of lemon juice helps to retain the vibrant verdant colouring
  • Both mint and coriander contain deceiving amounts of water. This water will be released when the herbs are blended together - so don't add too much liquid or you’ll be left with a very loose chutney - unless that’s what you're going for!
  • Dhaniya chutney keeps well in the fridge for 2-3 days
  • To freeze, simply pour the chutney into ice trays and place in the freezer 

Our recipe will arm you with the an impressive looking accompaniment for pretty much every Indian food. Try it as a refreshing dipping sauce for snacks like pakoras, samosas, vada and aloo tikki. Spread it on sandwhiches or smother over cutlets of meat and fillets of fish, before grilling or frying. Our top recommendation would be to whip up a bowl of this flavourful condiment to serve alongside your next biryani: the intensly aromatic coriander and mint work beautifully to balance a rich rice dish like this one.

Ingredients (serves 6)

  1. 200g of fresh coriander - leaves and stalks
  2. 40g of fresh mint - stalks removed
  3. 3 green chillis - roughly chopped  
  4. 1 tbsp of lemon Juice
  5. 1/2 a tbsp of amchoor powder
  6. 2 inches of fresh ginger - peeled
  7. 3 cloves of garlic - peeled
  8. 4 tbsp of vegetable oil/water/natural yoghurt (add yoghurt for a thicker consistency or you prefer less heat) 


  1. Add the coriander, mint, green chilli, lemon juice, amchoor powder, ginger, garlic and 4tbsp of oil/water/yoghurt to your      food processor
  2. Blend to a smooth consistency
  3. Season with salt to taste
  4. Transfer to a bowl and serve 

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