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  • Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5 Kg
  • Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5 Kg
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Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5 Kg
Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5 Kg

Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 5 Kg

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There are plenty of Indian delicacies that use flour as the main ingredient. As a result, the Aashirvaad multigrain Atta should be at the top of the shopping list. This flour can be used to prepare chapati, naan, puri, naan and roti. That’s not all; six different grains are used during the production of this flour. 

Therefore, this multigrain flour is rich in vitamins and minerals, among others. These nutrients boost an individual's health in different ways. The whole grain atta also has a great taste. Store this flour in a cool room. 

The Health Benefits of Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta Flour 

Different multigrain atta benefits attract numerous users daily. These health benefits are both long term and short term. Some benefits include:

  • The high magnesium levels in multigrain chapati flour increase insulin response in diabetic individuals. Additionally, magnesium lowers insulin resistance within a short period.
  • The Multigrain chakki atta is rich in both calcium and phosphorus. These two minerals strengthen bones and health. 
  • There are sufficient niacin levels in multi grain atta that improve the overall brain’s performance.
  • This flour contains vitamin b9, which aids in the production and maintenance of new cells.
  • Regular intake of Aashirvaad multigrain atta flour helps prevent anaemia because of the sufficient iron levels. 
  • One of the benefits of multigrain atta is the ability to build new body muscles because of protein presence.
  • Zinc, found in this flour slows down the skin ageing process and also helps repair damaged skin. 
  • This flour has some traces of vitamin A that deals with night blindness. 


  • Soya
  • Maize
  • Wheat
  • Chana
  • Oats 
  • Psyllium husk

Recipe Suggestion for Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta 

Recipe suggestion for multigrain chakki atta is straightforward. Roti is among the common recipe suggestions. Here is a step by step guide for this popular recipe:



  • Aashirvaad multigrain atta
  • Salt
  • Cooking oil
  • Water 

How to prepare

  1. Pour some multigrain atta in a bowl. Add oil and salt to the bowl.
  2. Stir while adding water inside the bowl. Knead the mixture and come up with the dough. Ensure the dough is tight and stiff. 
  3. Make small balls using the dough. 
  4. Apply oil on both sides of the small balls.
  5. Use a rolling pin to come up with circles from the small balls. Apply flour on the rolling surface and small balls to simplify the process.
  6. Place a pan on medium heat and apply oil on the pan. 
  7. Place the ready poori on the pan. This should be one at a time. Press down the poori while frying with a spoon. 
  8. Turn over to the other side one ready. Both sides should attain a golden brown colour. 
  9. Serve once ready with either aamras or Suji Ka Halwa. 

Chapati is another top Aashirvaad multigrain atta recipe that is simple and easy to prepare. Regularly use this atta flour and boost the body’s health in different ways. Besides, meals prepared with Aashirvaad atta are very delicious.