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Britannia Good Day Biscuit Pistabadam 216g

Britannia Good Day Biscuit Pistabadam 216g

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Britannia Good Day Biscuit Pistabadam 216g

Britannia Good Day biscuits are good in taste and crispy. I was very much satisfied with the taste of biscuits and its quality. I very often eat small packs of good day biscuits in my office with hot tea. Overall one of the best biscuits we have in india. Britannia Good Day was launched in 1986.

Servings size 3 biscuits 28gs

Ingredients: Refined wheat flour 61% sugar 24%, Edible vegetable oil, Raising Agent, milk solid , salt, yeast, emulsifier and improvers

Storage: Once opened pour in an airtight container

This product is not available to be shipped internationally.