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Heera Garlic and Ginger Puree 210g

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Heera Garlic and Ginger Puree 210g

Prepared from fresh superior quality Ginger under strict hygienic conditions.
Heera minced ginger makes all your vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes simply delicious.

: Ginger 80%, Water, Rape Seed Oil, Sugar, Salt, Acetic acid(E260,acidity regulator),Citric Acid(E330,Acidity Regulator)

Country of Origin: China

Once opened refrigerate and use within 2 weeks

1tsp = 2.5g fresh ginger and 2.5g fresh garlic

The superior packaging of the bottle seals in the aroma of the paste ensuring freshness which in turn enhances the flavour and taste of any food in which it is used.

This product is not available to be shipped internationally.