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Honey Mangoes - Box of 6

Honey Mangoes - Box of 6

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Red Rickshaw is proud to bring you the finest seasonal varieties of mango during the brief spring-summer Indian mango season. Flourishing across the Punjab region in the late summer, the Chaunsa or Honey mango is known for its soft, pleasantly silken sweetness, refreshing rich taste and gentle aroma. Alphonso and Chaunsa fans may debate which is better, but there's really no need to choose— enjoy the Alphonso from May to June, and then come July it's Chaunsa time!

  • Known as the Chaunsa, Chausa, Honey or Honey Chaunsa
  • Large, narrow body, mustard-yellow skin, gently fragrant and sweet
  • A well-rounded mango, suitable for all occasions
  • Enjoys a later season than other mangoes
  • Also available in boxes of 4

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