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KTC Mustard Oil Pure (Non Edible) 750ml

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Look, here's the whole truth behind that 'non-edible' label. We'll lay it all out and let you decide for yourself:

  • All natural oils are comprised of various 'fatty acids'. Mustard oil contains up to 50% erucic acid.
  • Based on studies done on animals in the 1970s, it was determined that high levels of erucic acid could have a toxic effect on the heart. Later studies have contradicted this analysis.
  • As a result of this study, EU Directive 80/891/EEC does not allow foods to have an erucic acid content over 5%.
  • Mustard oil is one of the most traditional, often used cooking oils in India (especially Bengal), and there are no known cases of exposure to erucic acid causing health problems in humans.
  • But for the above reasons, we are not able to explicitly recommend cooking with it.
  • That said, on our travels around India, we've noticed (just an observation!) that it has a lovely, pungent and strong taste, although it is often diluted with a larger quantity of a more neutral oil for frying and sautéing.
  • Some Bengali chefs, who are expert in its use, say that heating it to smoking point and then letting it cool is a great way to soften and refine its flavour. But again, we wouldn't possibly dare recommend such a thing...


Ingredients: 100% Pure Mustard Oil.

Country of Origin: India

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