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Natco Chana Dal 2 Kg

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Natco Chana Dal is a brand that sells chana dal in the market of the United Kingdom, even available online. But what is chana dal exactly? Chana dal is a split lentil which is also known as baby chickpeas. It is very popular in Indian cuisine and it is highly nutritious and delicious as well. It is used in both sweet and savoury chana dal recipes, among others, because of its rich taste and aroma.

Many are confused on how to cook chana dal and whether chana dal is the same as chickpeas and news flash: chana dal is baby chickpeas that has been polished! It resembles the look of small kernels of sweet corn, and it tastes just the same, too. It is a legume that is roasted and powdered into chickpea flour which is another ingredient widely used somewhere in the provinces of India.