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Pillsbury Chakki Atta 5 Kg

Pillsbury Chakki Atta 5 Kg

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The very own Chakki Atta of Pillsbury is a 100% whole wheat grain baking flour that was introduced to the Indian food market in 1998. This Pillsbury flour is mainly used for making the famous Indian flatbreads like chapati, roti, naan, puri, and paratha. The atta flour is high in gluten content – this makes it even more suitable to use for baking bread compared to other all-purpose whole wheat flours. Like any other flour, Chakki Atta flour has been coarsely ground; this is what makes your bread grainier as well as when you are using it for making biscuits, baking cake, and other types of bread.

The reason why Pillsbury Chakki Atta whole wheat grain flour became a favourite especially when making chapattis and other flatbreads is because of its contribution to the taste and texture. Only the use of chakki atta flour can help you produce perfectly soft and fluffy flatbreads. It has been highly favoured by many due to the process of “chakki'' milling. Chakki Atta is milled slowly in a stone-ground process; hence the name “chakki” translates to “grinding stones''. This grinding process is also applied to several Indian spices.