Raw Green Mangoes 350g
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Raw Green Mangoes 350g


Raw Green Mangoes 350g

Slightly sour to taste and green in colour, raw green mangoes pop up just before mango season begins. Unripe mangoes sometimes used in certain recipes as a tenderizer or souring agent instead of lime, lemon or tamarind, mangoes of the raw variety are known to be easier to cook than ripe mangoes and available across the year 

Raw green mangoes are firm to touch and not as juicy as ripe mangoes— often used in crisp sweet and sour salads, raw mangoes are also ideal for chutneys and are used in curries to balance out sweet flavours with some sour. 

Mangoes come bursting with vitamins A, C, E and B6, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, fibre and protein. Considered to regulate blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and improve immunity and digestion, you’ll want some of these in your fruit bowl. 

  • Raw green mangoes 350g
  • Recipes using raw mango include mango salad, raw mango rasam, dal with raw mango and raw mango chutney.

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