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TRS Barley Flour 1 Kg

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Barley Flour UK

The kitchen must-have you didn’t know you can’t live without – TRS Barley Flour. This premium JAV flour is made from dried and ground barley. This is an essential baking ingredient for making bread like flatbreads, barley bread, muffins, and even cakes. If you are wondering where to buy this non-wheat ingredient, don’t worry! Red Rickshaw has got you covered. Your organic barley flour is only one click away and can also get delivered to your doorstep!

There are two types of barley flour that you must consider before using, coarse and fine. Coarse barley flour is produced by milling barley groats. On the other hand, fine barley flour is made by milling pearl barley. Barley flour organic qualities are heightened by its sweet, nut-like flavour that significantly impacts the other ingredients mixed into it. It also gives a darkened finish colour effect to your baked goods.