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TRS Plain Madras Papads 200g

TRS Plain Madras Papads 200g

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Poppadoms or poppadoms are traditional Indian snacks. It?s cooked chiefly to serve beside hot rice with curries or pickles. If you want to feel the essence of a feast at your home, then papads are the best choice ever. The papads are prepared using rice flour and urad flour. 

However, preparation of the papads at home isn?t easier. So, it?s better to buy from trusted brands like TRS. TRS Plain Madras Papads are purely made from chemical-free ingredients. The ingredients used in the papads are merely rice flour, urad flour, and calcium carbonate with a small amount of healthier edible oil. The papads are usually used in soups, salads, and roadside masala chats to enhance flavour. 

The crispier and crunchy papads enhance the taste of the food. If you are bored with routine snacks like chocolate, ice creams, bread, and salads, then a low calorie, healthier roasted papad recipe is your perfect companion. 

Features and Health Benefits  

Colour: Creamy White 

Shape: Round 

Quantity: 200gm 

Uses of TRS Madras Plain Papads: 

  • The low calories in the papadum help you maintain weight and fat content in the body. 
  • These papads are gluten-free and rich in fibre. Hence, it?s easier to digest. If you are a profound fries lover, these healthier papadums are the perfect choice for you without compromising on taste.
  • Poppadoms are the best snack option for any age group. 
  • Papads improve the good bacteria in the gut and relieve constipation and indigestion. 


  • Urad Flour 
  • Rice Flour 
  • Salt 
  • Calcium Carbonate 
  • Edible Vegetable Oil

How to Cook 

The cooking process of papadums is pretty simple. All you need to know is just how to fry the food. Here is a step-by-step process on how to cook poppadoms. 

  • Take a deep frying bowl and pour the required oil into deep fry papads.
  • Then, heat the oil. 
  • Once the oil gets heated, slowly drop the uncooked poppadoms into the oil. 
  • Press on the poppadom using a flat spoon to deep fry in the oil. 
  • Make sure you do not press for over 3 seconds. 
  • Finally, place the pads on the tissue paper or serviette to drain excess oil. 

That?s it. Now serving the papadum recipe along with the hot rice and spicy curries makes your meals tastier. Poppadoms are especially a great choice to cook at festivals, parties, or any other special occasions.